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american bullfrogs

our family lives in NW WA. and have and overabundance of bullfrogs in our small pond. We are concerned that they will overtake the native tree frogs and fish in our pond. How can we naturally control them? Right now we have millions of tadpoles in our pond with crappie, bluegill, and perch. The fish are fairly small. They range from 1-2 yrs. old. We would appreciate any info. you might have. Thank you!

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

There are only two non-toxic ways to control Bullfrogs. One is to kill them directly, one by one: time-consuming, labor-intensive, and less than 100% effective but no adverse side effects. The other is to drain the pond before that year's tadpole cohort has metamorphosed. This can be done in the fall when native tadpoles have metamorphosed already; Bullfrogs take two years to complete the tadpole stage. Of course, you'll kill the fish, too. There's the added problem that the source population will still exist. Small-scale, local control efforts are rarely successful in the long term and require constant repetition. You cannot maintain a Bullfrog-free pond with other organisms in it if there are other ponds nearby with Bullfrogs in them.

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