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red fox

There is a pair of Red foxes in my friends, residential backyard who gave birth to a stillborn this morning. Is there anything they can do to place this family in a safer place? She lives in Yonkers, New York. Some of the neighbors are talking about shooting them. They are in danger. Can we save them. My firend wants to feed them but we know that not a good idea. But they are hungry. What can we do?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Red Foxes are pretty resourceful and adaptable, so I doubt they're really hungry, beyond the level that wild animals are usually hungry. Moving the animals is really not a viable option; besides the fact that your friends aren't licensed or qualified to do so, relocation seldom works. It places the animals in unfamiliar surroundings that, if suitable, probably already are occupied. If they don't return to their original home, others likely will move in instead. It's a never-ending problem. Why do the neighbors want to shoot them? That may not even be legal. I would suggest contacting your local humane society or animal control service and explaining the situation to them.

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