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developing water sources on property

On my 1.5 acres there are several small running streams and several small pools of water. These remain active till the hottest months in summer and then dry up. Does it make sense to dig the pools deeper and wider? I clear the streams of leaves and debris and try to free up the flow of water. How could I create a large pool from a stream which currently is draining into a pipe and on toward a lake several hundred feet away?

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

Of course it is difficult to advise you with any degree of certainty without seeing your property, but my general feeling on the subject is to leave your small creeks as they are. These feeder creeks naturally dry up in the summer and begin to flow once temperatures moderate and there is more rain. Any disruption to that system may affect more than you realize, especially for wildlife downstream. Enjoy your lake and enjoy your dry creekbed too; the later can be very attractive when planted with a variety of smaller native grasses at their edge.

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