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Moonflower plant

Hi, Would it be possible for you to direct me to where I may find a picture and information on the Moonflower plant? I have a neighbor who insists that the plant I have is an Angel Trumpet plant. I have gone through the seventy nine pages of wildflowers in the Birds and Blooms Web site and I was not able to find a picture or information on the moon flower. I greatly appreciate your time and assistance. Thank you, Debbie Gajdosik

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

Dear Debbie:

The Moonflower Vine (click on links below) is a favorite annual vine that provides drama and fragrance in the evening garden.

Sacred Datura is often mistaken for a Moonflower Vine since the blooms are so similar, and they both bloom at night. Pollinated by moths, Sacred Datura is easy to grow but this shrubby perennial is highly poisonous so take care to find an appropriate location.

Brugmansia, often called Angel Trumpet, grows to be a large shrub and has datura-like blooms that hang down like bells. A designer plant collected passionately all over the world, plant lovers favor their exquisite blooms and heady fragrance. I have a yellow Brugmansia in a pot that I enjoy outside in the summer and then relegate it to the garage for the winter.

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