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tulip bulbs

Hi, I understand with tulip bulbs that once you plant them they will grow flowers year after year. But what if after the first year let's say and after the flowers have bloomed and withered, you want to dig the bulbs up and use the soil/space they were in for something else, could you do that and then replant the used bulbs later again in the fall? And would they still grow more flowers? Would it be okay to do this year after year? Thanks.

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

Yes, you could go through all of that but it's not necessary since tulip bulbs can coexist very well with annual plants. The only exception would be if you plan on intensive vegetable production in the bed. Once your bulbs finish their spring show, summer blooming annuals take over. Find out from your state's chapter of The New England Wildflower Society which annual, or even perennial, plants will coexist with spring-blooming bulbs. Native plants will use far fewer resources, not the least of which is your time, and will give a more natural appearance to your landscape.

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