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juvenile pinna carnea

while beachcombing my brother and I came across a huge lenght of knotted rope and like alway picked it clean of spiney atlantic winged oysters only this time we were also pulling out what look like juvenile pinna carnea I have only collected 1 adult of this species in sand as they are normally found with bysall threads down.My question is do they as juveniles attach to objects such as rope sitting on the ocean floor for a long while? they are definitely pinna carnea after close exam.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

As with most other marine bivalves, the pen shells have planktonic larval stages. Eventually they settle down and attach themselves by their byssal (not "bysall") threads to buried objects. They don't move again. My guess is that the rope you found had been buried long enough for the animals to attach themselves to it, probably in shallow water, and then was exposed and washed up.

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