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bears in kentucky

Recently relatives and neighbors claim to have spotted a bear in my area. I live in Southern Pulaski County KY. I am having a hard time believing this, but a few years ago I heard rumors that the Government/Wildlife were turning bears loose in counties surrounding me. I'm not sure of this but I am curious to find out if there are bears in this area. Is there any way I can find any information about the release of bears in this area? I have two small children and would like to find out if they have any type of homing devices on them and just how close they are.

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

Bears are beginning to return to eastern Kentucky on their own from neighboring states. As this trend continues, they'll likely push farther and farther west. Apparently they now have reached Pulaski County, which certainly has plenty of suitable habitat, at least along its eastern edge. I don't believe the government is releasing bears into Kentucky, but it is moving problem bears that are already there to less-populated areas. I think you can "look forward" to more bear sightings in your area over the coming years, but please keep in mind that your children are at far greater risk every time they ride in a car than they ever will be from bears and all other wildlife combined. Attacks by black bears on humans are extremely rare. Don't waste your time worrying about it!

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