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transplanting Bradford Pear in summer

I recently dug up a Bradford Pear (3 yrs old) and gave it to a friend to replant. We live in central NJ near the shore. She says it lost all of its leaves and looks terrible. Is it a lost cause? She's watering it a lot every day. Can it be saved?

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

It's hard to say if the tree will make it. When transplanting any plant you want to give it every advantage and transplanting a three-year-old tree in midsummer is iffy at best. Advise your friend to add a layer of mulch around the tree, but be sure to keep it several inches away from the tree trunk. That will help retain moisture from beneficial infrequent deep watering rather than daily soakings. I hope she doesn't lose her tree.

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