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I found some tadpoles in a puddle behind our dumpster and took some to preschool to observe. Two of them turned into toads (I think; I was told they would be toads by the pet store because they were black). I brought them back home and turned them loose by the lake, which is close to the puddle. I have several more of them...should I go ahead and put the tadpoles in the lake? Also, a parent gave us some tadpoles-large ones- that are supposed to be bullfrog tadpoles. I don't know where she got/bought them. One is now a frog. I have been feeding her crickets....should I bring her home and set her free in the lake? I don't know where to take her/them. Should I bring the other two tadpoles with her and set them free as well, or should I wait until they are frogs...I believe in animals having their freedom. I don't mind waiting until they complete their metamorphasis. I have been feeding them frozen brine. What should I do?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

I don't see any real harm in releasing the rest of the tadpoles from the puddle into the lake, but why not return them to the puddle? The alleged bullfrog tadpoles are a different matter. I advise against releasing animals of unknown origin into the wild; they might harbor disease and could be of an alien genetic stock. Try to find out where they came from and take them back there. By the way, the correct spelling is "metamorphOsis."

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