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bushes and berries that attract birds

I would like names of trees and shrubs that attract birds. I know the usual, like berries, and red winter berries, mountain ash. We live in the woods.

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

Some of the plants that attract birds in Nova Scotia are Arrowwood, Highbush Cranberry, Crabapples, Hollies, Staghorn Sumac, native Bittersweet, Junipers, Red Twig Dogwood, Black Cherry, and Serviceberry. Learn about attracting birds at our Birding section where you will find useful information on the four elements of a successful Backyard Wildlife Habitat: food, cover, places to raise young, and water.

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard by Sally Roth is a fantastic resource available for purchase at our eNature store. She includes lists with plants and the animals they attract.

One final piece of advice, think beyond birds in your efforts to attract wildlife. When you make your garden attractive to all forms of wildlife you will enjoy greater diversity of all species as the web of life evolves. As my own suburban garden becomes wilder every year, I've been amazed at the ever increasing number of creatures, both large and small, that call my garden home.

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