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Washington ground squirrel management and restoration

What is the current management practice for protecting the washington ground squirrel? Is there any data like life tables or PVA studies that have been done to asses the survivability of the ground squirrel and are there any practices in place now to replenish the species?

Wildlife Expert - Ken Burton

As you may know, the primary threat to this species is loss and degradation of its habitat, bunchgrass prairie. Much of this habitat has been converted to agriculture and what remains is degraded by invasive weeds such as medusahead and cheatgrass encouraged by intensive grazing pressure and altered fire regimes. The primary management practices being employed at this time are protection and enhancement of remaining prairie through land acquisition, fire management, grazing rotation, and seeding of native plants. I can't direct you to any specific life table or PVA data, but there is a research program in place at Boardman in Oregon involving the Navy, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and The Nature Conservancy to investigate these topics.

Ken Burton for eNature Naturalists

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