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worm composting

I am helping my daughter with a science fair project on worms. We know they are very helpful in our compost pile and love the soil under the bunny hutches! But it is 10 degrees outside now and we can't dig any up. Where can we get worms (mail order?) and do you have any suggestions for a project using a large jar and layers of compost and sand ? Thanks so much! Judy Wilson

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

Dear Judy:

Successful vermicomposting, composting with worms, depends on the container having good air circulation so a glass vessel will not work. For all the information you could possibly want on the art and science of vermicomposting visit the City Farmer and the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension websites.

Did you know that the National Wildlife Federation website has a new Kidzone feature? Check it out next time you have a school project. It's great! Organized to be age specific, there are four age ranges to choose from so you are sure to have projects just right for your child.

And one final comment, next time a science fair comes around look at the Yahooligans feature on experiments and science fairs.

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