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plumbago and ivy

Two questions. First, is plumbago considered an invasive plant? It seems to be winding its way through everything in my yard. Second, what's the best way to rid one's yard of ivy?

Backyard Expert - Cathy Nordstrum

Creeping Plumbago, Plumbago ceratostigma, is not considered invasive, as in escaping into the wild and displacing native plants. Rather, I would characterize it as an assertive opportunist, finding its way to a few sunny spots in a mature mixed border. If the garden you mentioned is new, that would account for Creeping Plumbago coming on a bit too strong for your liking. But in time it will be shaded out by other perennials and shrubs. In the meantime think of it as a handy mulch, keeping the roots of your other plants cooler in the summer.

As for ivy removal, visit this link to the same question from our answer archives: Clearing land of Ivy. Use our Search feature in the Experts section to access all previously answered questions. I hope this helps.

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