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Finding the animal

Hello! We woke up this morning to our first snowfall. My 5 year old son and I are interested in few pair of animal tracks that were left behind. read more


Are there wolves in maine? read more


We have the smartest raccoon in the state. He can open the locking handles on our garbage cans. read more


A first grader in Ms. Dew's class at North Ridge Elementary class wants to know if Bats eat Bees. read more

Fox or Wolf?

Yesterday we were having a nice ride to look at the colors in the Southern Ohio (Brush Creek Forest area) An animal ran across the road in front of us which looked like a gray wolf. read more


I was hoping you could help me identify a animal I have seen on my property that I have never seen before. read more


does anyone know how long the rabies virus could be viable if the animal had che... read more


Are Prairie Dogs members of the rodent family? Are they related to rats? read more

Eastern Grey Squirrel Communication

We have numerous squirrels in our yard. We regularly feed them. Many times, as we watch, they begin to waggle their tails: sideways, up and down and occassionally in circles, while they chatter, screech, and make other sounds. read more

Whitetail Deer

How well do whitetail deer hear? Compared to humans? Compared to other Amer... read more

albino fawns

My brother lives in Orange, Virginia and has recently seen twin albino fawns. He wondered how rare this was and do you have any more information on this occurrence. read more


Wildlife observers around here refer to a squirrel they call a fairydiddle. It is described as smaller than the regular grey squirrels with a less bushy tail. read more

White-tailed deer

The white tailed deer in our area turn dark brown in our area as the weather cools. read more

Attracting Deer

I've read lots of commentary from folks whose gardens are being eaten down to the nubs by deer, and as a result are needing advice on how to safely and humanely keep their munching at bay. read more

rabbit burrows

What are the dementions of a rabbits burrow? How deep, how wide at the opening a... read more

Neighbor shooting animals

Hollo, I live just outside of the village limits of Six Lkes Michigan. My concern is with my neighbor (who lives in the village) shooting any animal he sees on his property. read more

White-tailed deer percentages

What percentage of fawns does a doe lose in her lifetime? read more

marmot and deer behavior

My husband and I were backpacking in the Sequoia National Park (CA) and at one off-trail campsite we were surprised by a young buck that came near to camp to eat the dirt where we had recently urinated. read more


Most of my friends, mostly outdoors oriented and many hunters, consider woodchucks to be pre-dawn to a bit after dusk in their habits. read more

A particular type of whale

It's a dumb question really. But I'm curious to know. It's about this whale I've seen in the movie and book of the Walt Disney character Pinocchio. read more

1-20 of 431 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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