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Your answer re: Gambusia with Goldfish

I disagree with the answer given regarding adding Gambusia to a goldfish pond. Gambusia are prolific livebearers and useful in open area mosquito control, but can be very aggressive and are fin-nippers in a confined space, and they have no color. read more


Dear Sir, What are the difference between Mackerel and Jack Mackerel. Are th... read more


Hi, Are Wolffish and Conger Eels/Ocean Pout the same thing? I am having trouble telling them apart while diving, if in fact they are separate and distinct from each other. read more

rainbow trout skin

Is it true that your hands must me wet before touching a rainbow trout or the oi... read more


What is the difference between a skate and a sting ray ? read more


are dolphin fish food that dolphins eat? read more


what is an animal? read more


What type of fish is a butter fish. I've searched and can't find any specific fish with that name. read more


What happens to a freshwater fish if it wanders in to salt water? read more

fish categorie

What category are fish grouped into (mammal...etc)? read more

stingray products

I was surprised to find that stingray skin is used to produce products like wallets and boots. read more

flocks and schools

What are the mechanisms that enable birds (flocks) and fish (schools), respectively, to coordinate their collective movements? I. read more

Northern Pike

What are the predators of a northern Pike, if any? read more

New Carp invasion

Ken, is it true that there is a new type of "Flying Carp" threatening the Great Lakes? I know that there has been a confirmed sighting of the infamous "Snake Head" fish in Wisconsin, but I just recently have found out about the "Flying Carp" Can you fill all of us in here in the Upper Midwest on what this fish is, and why is it so deadly to the fresh waters around our area. read more

Anatomy of Dogfish

One of my peers in classed posed a very good question in my comparative anatomy class and my professor, being human, did not know the answer. read more

dogfish shark

Dogfish sharks have internal fertilization. However, male sharks are equipped with two claspers. read more

Wildlife that retain a color due to what they eat

The flamingo is pink because of a diet high in carotenoids. Are there any other... read more


We were first concerned about mosquitos when we created our pond last year. Mosquito Abatement gave us "mosquito fish". read more

bowfin or dogfish

Recently on a trip to W. MI, I had caught two bowfins or commonly called, 'dogfish'. read more


how often do sharks attack people and what's the reason for it? read more

1-20 of 40 questions page: 1  | 2

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