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Bluebirds in November in GA

We have had bluebirds in our bluebird house for the last three years in the spring. read more

Wild Turkeys

I just moved to this house in upstate NY this past summer. Ever since I moved here I have been watching the turkeys come to my bird feeders daily. read more

Hummingbirds eaten by praying mantis

This is not a question but more a warning. With 25 feeders in our front yard we attract many hummingbirds but this year we had a tragic experience. read more


We have seven mallard ducks for which we would like to build a shelter. We can only find information on wood duck shelters. read more

Hummingbird Feeding In Fall

When should I stop refilling my hummingbird feeders in Western Maine? I am afraid keeping the birds from migrating. read more


I have a hummingbird feeder out. I finally got a hummingbird to come to it. Last night it was just loaded with bees and the bees chased the hummingbird away. read more

Hummingbird feeder with ants

My hummingbird feeder has attracted red ants. I've seen a hummingbird at it briefly, but I'm concerned about the ants. read more

Grackles and mothballs

We have been told that by placing mothballs in the flower beds they will deter neighborhood cats from using them like litter boxes. read more

Putting feeders away for summer

Do squirrels and grackles have more than one food source in the summer? I put several of my feeders away for summer and stopped putting out ears of corn. read more

Birds swooping on my dog

I live in New Jersey, on the Hudson River, across from Manhattan. In my apartment complex is a nice park with many trees. read more

Baltimore Orioles

We have a male Baltimore oriole in our country subdivision that hangs around our yard! I have the nectar, orange slices and grape jelly out for it to eat. read more

Mallard duck eggs/nest

My children and I live in a suburban area and have discovered in a flower box in our backyard, a nest of six duck eggs. read more

Great Blue Heron Problems

What can I do to keep a great blue heron away from my backyard pond that has Koi in it? Will any statues, mobiles or metal objects work? I just purchased 6 Koi last night and a heron was already scouting out the pond early this morning. read more

Western Scrub-jay

I live in Santa Monica, CA, and a Western Scrub-jay has taken to squawking and "dive-bombing" my dog and myself. read more

Pigeon Problem

We have a noisy and messy problem right outside our upstairs bedroom balcony. A couple of pigeons built a nest there. read more

Barn Swallows

We have barn swallows that build their mud nest under the docks. The last couple of years, the crows have gone under the docks and ripped the nests down to get either the eggs or baby swallows. read more

Mourning Dove egg

We have always had mourning doves on our feeder, but guess how surprised we were this morning when we found an egg on our feeder! We think it is a mourning dove egg. read more


I would like to know why a woodpecker is making a circle of holes around my sugar maple trees and what can I do about it. read more

Hummingbird Feeding

I live in southern California and pretty much have hummingbirds all year around. read more

Hand feeding a Northern Mockingbird

I have been feeding northern mockingbirds raisins and nuts for years. Occasionally one will become very friendly. read more

1-20 of 179 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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