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Chimney Swifts in our chimney

We recently bought our home and there was no cover for the chimney. We notice at about dusk every night a great many birds (we thought they were bats) flying all around the sky over the house. read more

Canada Geese in Virginia Beach

I grew up in Virginia Beach and still live here. As a child growing up I never saw any Canada geese except in places farther north such as NY, when on family vacations. read more

Hummingbird behavior

I had a female ruby-throated hummingbird perched on a window feeder (she looked fluffy like maybe a young one). read more

Do you know what this bird is?

We were just been visited by a bright red bird with a red/orange bill and a black head. read more

Grackles and mothballs

We have been told that by placing mothballs in the flower beds they will deter neighborhood cats from using them like litter boxes. read more


I live in northern New Hampshire and have quite a large and varied woodpecker population in my wooded backyard. read more

Bird Eggs

We have a nest in a hanging flower basket on our balcony; I think it belongs to a house finch. read more

Birds swooping on my dog

I live in New Jersey, on the Hudson River, across from Manhattan. In my apartment complex is a nice park with many trees. read more

Bird identification

I saw a bird in a salt marsh in NJ that had long legs and what looked like a flexible feather (about 3 inches long) hanging down from the back of it's head. read more

Eastern wild turkey

One of my friends said he shot a jake wild turkey (first year male) that had the nubs for the spurs on the legs and the turkey had a beard, but he also said that it had eggs inside of it. read more

Identifying a bird

We live in southwest Georgia (Hamilton) and saw a bird at our feeder that we have never seen before. read more

Chukar in NJ backyard

I snapped a photo of a bird in my backyard yesterday that I had never seen before. read more

Will House Sparrows Raise Other Eggs/Hatchlings?

The family of house sparrows that I have been watching has one juvenile that doesn't fit the bunch. read more

Unknown type of large bird

Today I spotted a huge bird. Using my field glasses, it looked just like the bald eagle pictures but the head was more of a real light cream color with a few splashes of a light golden color. read more

Chukar and Carlisle, PA

This morning there was a chukar in our lawn eating bird seed. We took a few pictures - it was not frightened at all. read more

Black bird ID

I have a bird on my feeder that I haven't seen before. It is all black except for a few small white stripes on its wings. read more


I would like to know why a woodpecker is making a circle of holes around my sugar maple trees and what can I do about it. read more

American Goldfinch

Is it common behavior for American goldfinches to inhabit an area for one to two weeks and then suddenly disappear? The house finches seem to stay all winter and summer. read more

Red-headed birds

We live in north Louisiana and have seen four large birds (12 to 16 inches) that resemble the red-headed woodpecker. read more

Aleutian or Lucien Goose

A friend recently told me of a flock of large geese, on her property in the S.F. read more

1-20 of 826 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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