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Your answer re: Gambusia with Goldfish

I disagree with the answer given regarding adding Gambusia to a goldfish pond. Gambusia are prolific livebearers and useful in open area mosquito control, but can be very aggressive and are fin-nippers in a confined space, and they have no color. read more


Hi, I live in New Jersey. We recently discovered what appear to be bumblebees, entering and exiting an abandoned chipmunk hole in our front lawn. read more

small milkweed bug

Last year I had lots of monarch butterfly caterpillars on my milkweed (and subsequently, lots of lovely monarch butterflies). read more

common gray fox

At the risk of asking a question you've already answered to the person in NM -- We have a family of gray foxes living more or less in our back yard (San Joaquin County, California). read more

jadera bug

What is a jadera bug. Is it beneficial or not? read more

Florida softshell turtle

A FL softshell turtle laid eggs next to our house. How can I protect the eggs? We live near a pond and lake with a lot of birds and animals. read more

Cuban treefrogs invading

I would like to know what to do about these treefrogs, which are hurting the native frog population here. read more

Cleaning ponds without disturbing frogs

From Connecticut How and when can I clean up my pond (full of decaying leaves) without disturbing the frogs or their eggs or their food supplies?? Please reply to me by e-mail. read more

Salt & Mineral Licks for Deer

Hi! I live in a wooded area with quite a few deer. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to the deer to put out a salt and/or mineral lick for them. read more

American toad

Is there any humane way to make toads stop croaking. We have a small pond just off our patio and the toads croak all night and it is very disturbing. read more

Lack of Rabbits

We live in a mountainous area of Maine, it is very wooded and not too populated. read more


The subject sounds weird well I'm only 10. We have a cat infested neighborhood and they kill our reptilian species. read more


I have a fox in my area. I live in the HappyHollow comminty of Florence Alabama the NorthWest region. read more

weeds in meadow

I have used newspaper with a layer of mulch to supress agressive, exotic perennial grass in my wildflower garden for a year. read more

periodical cicadas

How far down in the soil are these living? Does warm weather cause them to eme... read more


As a member of frogwatch I have read with great concern the destructive power of bullfrogs to other native frogs and also other species. read more

mosquito larvicides

Hi, I was wondering if the mosquito larvicides that you can add to water sources that are know to breed mosquitos can also harm dragonfly and damselfly nymphs? I have a wonderful cattail marsh area that has both. read more

american bullfrogs

our family lives in NW WA. and have and overabundance of bullfrogs in our small pond. read more

milk weed

I wanted to plant milk weed for the butterflys but my neighbor said NO. Is it t... read more


I would like to attract Blue Orchard Bees (Osmia lignaria) to my yard in the summer. read more

1-20 of 321 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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