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I was hoping you could help me identify a animal I have seen on my property that I have never seen before. read more


does anyone know how long the rabies virus could be viable if the animal had che... read more

Eastern Grey Squirrel Communication

We have numerous squirrels in our yard. We regularly feed them. Many times, as we watch, they begin to waggle their tails: sideways, up and down and occassionally in circles, while they chatter, screech, and make other sounds. read more

Whitetail Deer

How well do whitetail deer hear? Compared to humans? Compared to other Amer... read more

albino fawns

My brother lives in Orange, Virginia and has recently seen twin albino fawns. He wondered how rare this was and do you have any more information on this occurrence. read more

preying mantis

last night around dusk I spotted a medium sized brown preying mantis on my central air-conditioner unit. read more

sea urchins

how do sea urchins survive tidal changes? read more


Any moths in USA that has wingless females? read more


I live in So Calif on the coast. This afternoon I noticed that one of my birch trees had these caterpillers all over it. read more

rosy boas

Do rosy boas have fangs? read more


Wildlife observers around here refer to a squirrel they call a fairydiddle. It is described as smaller than the regular grey squirrels with a less bushy tail. read more

camel Spider

I live in Yuma, AZ, we live on 5 acres pretty much in the middle of the desert. read more

White-tailed deer

The white tailed deer in our area turn dark brown in our area as the weather cools. read more

pigeon horntail

I have recently seen a pigeon horntail for the first time ever and was wondering... read more

Gopher Tortoise

Hello. I live in South Florida and have a few questions concerning Gopher Tortoises. read more

Attracting Deer

I've read lots of commentary from folks whose gardens are being eaten down to the nubs by deer, and as a result are needing advice on how to safely and humanely keep their munching at bay. read more

rabbit burrows

What are the dementions of a rabbits burrow? How deep, how wide at the opening a... read more

snakes after hurricanes

as the people in Florida cleanup after the storm will they have to be more caref... read more


While I lay awake one night a few weeks ago listening to the bullfrogs in the pond near my home, a train whistle sounded. read more

box turtles

with box turtles crossing the roads right know can they be relocated to more remote areas without any problems with their nests. read more

1-20 of 532 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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