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weeds in meadow

I have used newspaper with a layer of mulch to supress agressive, exotic perennial grass in my wildflower garden for a year. read more

barrel cactus

what kind of wildlife is supported by the barrel cactus in az? read more

Carolina Wild Petunia

Do you know anything about Carolina Wild Petunia. Pictures are a must have. read more

shrubs to replace Privet and Honeysuckle

My husband and I are just getting started in trying to make our yard more wildlife friendly. read more

Stepped on A Painful Plant

I live in South Central, Texas (San Antonio) and went on a trip up in the Hill Country one day. read more

Jeffrey Pine source

I was wondering if I could find any Jeffrey Pines in Maryland. It is a tree that is 80-130' tall and sometimes 2'-4' or more around. read more

rocky shoals spider lily

This is about a plantthat is native to North America. I know that it grows in Rock Hill,SC in the Catawba River but where else does it grow and is it endangered? The only thing I could find out on this website is the Lady Bird Johnson list and it was called Carolina Spider Lily and I don't know if they are the same. read more

pine trees and water absorption

We had five very large pine trees cut. Now we are having a problem with a very soggy backyard. read more

Tree Care

Dear Cathy, We are building a home on 2 1/2 acres, covered with Post Oak trees. read more

Pine Trees

I have a question I bet you have never been asked before: "How do I KILL a pine tree" Have ten of them in our back yard. read more

transplanting Bradford Pear in summer

I recently dug up a Bradford Pear (3 yrs old) and gave it to a friend to replant. read more

grass under Magnolia trees

How can I get grass to grow under my Magnolia trees? They are located on the east side of our house and right by the back door. read more

River Birch tree

I have a 10-year old River Birch tree and this year it is dropping leaves and is yellow looking. read more

Gypsy Moth

We have these in the majority of our trees and would like to know how to get rid... read more

sparse growth on Bradford Pear tree

Our recently planted Bradford Pear flowered well this spring. Since then, the new growth has been very sparse, the leaves are quite small and the tree offers little coverage. read more

Chocolate Lily

I looked up Chocolate Lilies in your website. Where can I find some seeds? T... read more

replacing Vinca groundcover

I have Vinca growing into my yard from both sides (my neighbors use it extensively). read more

tent caterpillars

I have two mullberry trees that were here when I moved to Florida two years ago. read more

Blue Spruce trees

We have 5 trees about 10 feet tall that were a deep blue when we purchased this property last August. read more

Japanese Maple

I have a red Japanese Maple that's about 2 years old. Every year it buds out beautifully and then bam. read more

1-20 of 212 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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