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Are all spiders poisonous? read more

Neurotoxic Timber Rattlers

I have heard but not seen any research that the wildlife research station at the Savannah River atomic facility in Barnwell South Carolina has discovered that timber rattlesnakes from e/central Georgia and w/central South Carolina have a very strong neurotoxic venom constituient almost identical to the A population of the Mojave rattlesnake in the Arizona, s/California area. read more


I love to feed and watch the squirrels but I worry about where they go in the winter time. read more

Black Bear

When do black bears normally hibernate in the area along the Front Range of the ... read more

Mediterranean Gecko

How do you care for a Mediterranean Gecko? What do they eat? How much do they ne... read more


What is a red wolf's hunting range? read more

Can you identify ant

Black ant, red stripe around each section of body, 1/2 to 3/4" long read more

Western Fence

How come the Western Fence lizards are so slow this time of year? read more

Albino Oppossum

How rare is an albino oppossum? I have been searching for this answer since I have seen this critter numerous times by my house. read more

Morro Bay Kangaroo Rat

Why does the Morro Bay Kangaroo Rat convert dry seeds into water? Do they hibern... read more

Skull collecting

Hi, I just started collecting skulls and I was wondering what is a good method to get them whiter. read more

Skunks & weasels

I am trying to figure out why skunks & weasels have not survived in the immediate area I live. read more

Creatures of the Pond Surface!

At the end of September, on a sunny afternoon in Texas, I saw: seven shiny, black animals darting across the surface of a pond. read more


what is the lifespan of a deer? How can you tell how old a deer is ? read more

Garden Spiders

We have a large garden spider living between our screen and storm window. As it is late fall here in upstate NY, it's time to pull down the storm window and cover the entire window with plastic from the outside; however, we don't want to disturb the spider or kill it by trapping it behind plastic . read more

Lady Bugs

I have heard that Lady Bugs can bite......Do you know if they do or if it is just certain species. read more

what's this mouse?

We live in Southern California (Ventura Co.) and we found a very small mouse in our backyard. read more

Flying Squirrels

Are flying squirrels found at all in cities - possibly large city parks? read more

Frog or salamander eggs

I found 17 clear, jelly eggs under a pile of stuff in my yard. They were in moist dirt. read more

Mediterranean Gecko

What is the life span of the Mediterranean Gecko? Where does it go during the w... read more

1-20 of 5116 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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