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A friend was recently told by the National Wildlife Federation that she should remove Nandina from her habitat as it was an invasive species. read more

Washington ground squirrel management and restoration

What is the current management practice for protecting the washington ground squ... read more

New Carp invasion

Ken, is it true that there is a new type of "Flying Carp" threatening the Great Lakes? I know that there has been a confirmed sighting of the infamous "Snake Head" fish in Wisconsin, but I just recently have found out about the "Flying Carp" Can you fill all of us in here in the Upper Midwest on what this fish is, and why is it so deadly to the fresh waters around our area. read more


Our property is overrun with Buckthorn, competing with natives such as american hazelnut, cerries, pagoda doogwood, maple leaf viburnum, trillium, Jack in the Pulpit, many varieties of ferns etc. read more


My daughter lived in lakeland florida and there was a fern which was rampant ans she considered a pest. read more

Buckthorn in Minnesota

We purchased our house this summer and after moving in discovered that there is ALOT of Buckthorn in the area surrounding our property. read more

Brazilian pepper tree

Dear Cathy, When was the Brazilian Pepper tree first introduced into Florida? read more

Snake Question

Hello. My name is Justin Spiegel and I am a senior in high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. read more

shrubs to replace Privet and Honeysuckle

My husband and I are just getting started in trying to make our yard more wildlife friendly. read more

Idenification of tree

We were recently in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and on the beaches were the most beautiful, low growing, long needle pines that we spent much of the time under when we needed to be out of the sun for awhile. read more

Invasive plants

Can you please tell me what an invasive plant is? read more

Rowan tree

Could you please tell me if the Rowan tree grows in Georgia? I have never heard of that particular tree. read more


Is there a native Bittersweet in my area? We have Bittersweet growing in the bush around my area. read more

Plant maintenance

I have landscaped a pool and wonder how to properly care for Purple Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis) and Blue Arctic Willow (Salix purpurea). read more

Feverfew - NJ friend or foe?

I was given a Feverfew plant that I have planted in my backyard wildlife habitat. read more

plumbago and ivy

Two questions. First, is plumbago considered an invasive plant? It seems to be winding its way through everything in my yard. read more

amount of habbitat space

What is the total percentage of habbitat space that is left for animals in the U. read more

Cuban treefrogs invading

I would like to know what to do about these treefrogs, which are hurting the native frog population here. read more


Walking on a lunch break Ifound a colony of lizard 8-12"long,heavy body build,like minature of KomodoDragon, almost like rubber toys,greyish biack body but on the top from head to rear legs vivid green patches, only on ground hiding under the ixiora bush,very shy, running away differently than other anole,skink ex running few steps than stop,few steps-stop only this patern. read more

Re-creating forest habitat

I have just purchased a new house in central New Jersey on an acre of property in a development. read more

1-20 of 1630 questions page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>

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