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Nature Watch

Bears, Unplugged

The bear plug is a curious product of bear hygiene. read more

Nature Watch

True or False: Is Mistletoe the "Kiss of Death?"

Reputed to be the "kiss of death," it is said to be so poisonous that humans can be killed if they eat its leaves or berries. Is this myth true or false? read more

Nature Watch

Animal Mealtime: Slugs, Grubs, and a Side of Poison Ivy

Taken as a whole, the animals of our world eat just about every conceivable thing imaginable, from juicy berries and fresh-caught fish to the poisonous, the slimy, the stinging, and the prickly. read more

Nature Watch

Animal Olympics

Animals perform amazing feats every day, not with the purpose of winning or being named the best, but in order to eat, mate, escape predators, and endure the elements. read more

Nature Watch

Don't Be Fuelish!

Discover some of the ways that you can save gas and save money! read more

Nature Watch

Monarch Mimicry

Because butterflies are subject to many kinds of predators and parasites, they have evolved an impressive array of protective adaptations. read more

Nature Watch

How Wild Is Your Garden?

How much do you know about the native plants that attract wildlife? Take our quiz, and see for yourself. read more

Nature Watch

Snakes: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Why do snakes get such a bad rap? read more

Nature Watch

Winter Wildlife Quiz

Test your winter wildlife knowledge by taking our quiz. read more

Nature Watch

The Truth About Snowflakes

What is a snowflake? How does one form? How many sides do snowflakes have? Is it true that no two are alike? read more

1-10 of 143 articles page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>
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