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Birding Watching:  Feeders, houses, attracting, and more!

Attracting Birds: Introduction

Imagine the sight of brilliant yellow finches, red cardinals, azure blue jays and orange orioles fluttering here and there in your backyard. Picture them eating, bathing, singing, and raising their young all within a few feet, on the other side of your windows or on the edge of your patio. It can happen.

Anyone can invite wild birds to their backyard, regardless of where they live or how large or small their property. Even people with no more than a balcony or a window ledge can have wild birds in their daily lives.

The three essential ingredients required to sustain wild birds, indeed all life on earth, are food, water and cover. If you can provide the right types of their survival necessities, in the right places at the right times, you will have maximum numbers and varieties of wild birds to enjoy every day of your life. These three essential ingredients can be miniaturized and located on balconies and windows and windowsills, to achieve the same positive effects on wild birds.