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Kelp Will Keep Us Together

Ever wake up to find yourself coiled in sheets? It's not the most pleasant way to start the day, like a resident in some asylum, yet that's how the Sea Otter wakes every morning of its life. Rather than sheets, though, the Sea Otter is wrapped in seaweed, or kelp, which it wound around itself the night before.

The kelp acts as a tether, keeping the Sea Otter in place. Without it, the animal would drift with the current while it slept and wake far from home. Worse, the Sea Otter would lose its friends. So before it retires for the evening, the Sea Otter will use the kelp to tie itself to other otters as well. The result is a Sea Otter chain that keeps members of the community, or raft, close to their feeding ground and prevents them from drifting apart.

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