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On the Wild Side: Strange news from the World of Wildlife!

Sun Worshipper

While it's commonly known that bats, moles, and blackjack dealers see less daylight in a given year than the average living creature, few people can name the animal that sees the most daylight. That's because the Arctic Tern is so busy flying from pole to pole that it doesn't have time to publicize its efforts.

Of all bird species, the Arctic Tern travels the farthest during its annual migration: a 22,000-mile round-trip in some cases. It summers in Alaska, Canada, and areas even closer to the North Pole, where the sun seldom leaves the sky for months on end. Then, when fall arrives, the Arctic Tern heads south for the Antarctic Ocean and continuous daylight through December and January. The result for this animal is a world in which the sun rarely sets.

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