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On the Wild Side: Strange news from the World of Wildlife!

The Big O

The wolf is a natural predator -- an excellent runner with powerful jaws, keen ears, and a nose that's a hundred times more sensitive than our own. Add to these attributes the fact that wolves travel in packs of five, ten, or even fifteen individuals, and respect for them among Moose, Caribou, and Elk only increases.

Yet the wolf is not a terribly effective hunter. In one well-known study from the 1970s, wolves successfully killed only one out of every thirteen Moose they pursued. Compare that figure to the effectiveness of a bird like the Osprey, which captures more than half of the creatures it chases -- as much as 80 percent in some cases.

The Osprey eats fish mostly. Once it spies one, it dives, talons spread, and splashes into the water. It then quickly resurfaces and, more often than not, flies off with a fish in its grip. On rare occasions it flies off with two fish -- one in each foot.

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