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Botanical Burgs: A Quiz

We've all heard of Aspen, Colorado, the well-known winter sports town in the Rockies that's named for the trees that ring the hillsides there. But there are lots of other American towns named for trees, flowers, and fruits. Test your knowledge of these botanical burgs by taking the following quiz.

1. Which tree family's name is most popular with municipalities?

Oak, of course. Oaks are steadfast, and people like that in a name. Among the more popular varieties are Black Oak (Arkansas, Indiana), Burr Oak (Michigan), Charter Oak (California), Live Oak (Florida), Red Oak (Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma), and Shrub Oak (New York).

2. Which single tree species is most popular?

Magnolia takes pride of place in this category with six towns named for it (Arkansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas). Sycamore follows closely with five (Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, South Carolina), and there are five Walnuts, too (California, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina).

3. How many towns are named after the orange?

A trick question. There are at least three Oranges in English (California, Maine, Texas) and one in Spanish (Florida's Naranja).

4. Is there a town called Peach in Georgia, the Peach State?

No, but there are two communities called Palmetto. Meanwhile, in neighboring South Carolina, the Palmetto State, there are no towns named Palmetto.

5. Where is the town of Trees located?

Louisiana, while the town of Weed can be found in California.