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Swinging Seals

Whether the Northern Fur Seal leads an enviable life depends on a person's perspective. True, a male Northern Fur Seal can have up to a hundred different mates in a summer, a statistic that appeals to some people. But it's also true that a male fur seal won't eat for an entire summer -- okay, so there probably isn't time to eat -- and its battles with other males leave the animal scarred.

As for the life of the female Northern Fur Seal, it's not exactly idyllic either. For one thing, a female must share its mate with dozens of other females. Also, the identity of that mate is determined largely by where the female comes ashore to give birth in the summer. Perhaps the most difficult part of being a female Northern Fur Seal, though, is that a new pup must be conceived within days of the latest pup's birth.

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